Artist: XOA
XOA is a progressive dance rock band from Denver, Colorado. Their music has been influenced by numerous genres, from hard-rock and blues to electronica. Their sound has been described as powerful and unique in its diversity and quality. Underlying rhythmic
Artist: MZG
MZG, also known as Monozygotic, are twin brothers that explore house and bass music accompanied by a fresh electronic sound palette. Originally from Chicago, MZG is a great talent that has been set to share their vision since the dawning
Artist: Nobide
Nobide is a live-electronic act out of Boulder, Colorado. Fusing traditional instrumentation with modern production techniques and bumping beats, Nobide explores genres seamlessly and with style. Blaring horns, thundering beats and tasty synths are all guided by the grooves designed
Artist: Evanoff
Evanoff is a vivacious electronic-rock trio that began in the heart of Boulder with its early days starting at The Fox Theatre that lead to nationwide success. The group has been touring hard determined to show fans around the world